Top Outdoor Living Space Design Trends for 2018

At the beginning of every year, we are seeing new trends that arise for landscaping, outdoor spaces, and gardens. For the next summer season, the trends are focusing on multifunctionality in outdoor living spaces. We are therefore presenting some of the key trends in outdoor landscaping for 2018.

Maximize every corner of smaller outdoor living spaces

It's easy to create multifunctional outdoor spaces that will look bigger by simply using vertical gardens, folding furniture, and so on.

Incorporating vertical gardens will save floor space and beautify your outdoor living space without overcrowding confined spaces.

To create an attractive outdoor living space, convertible furniture is ideal to easily transform space. For example, adding cushions to a piece of furniture can easily create an additional seating position. A lawn chair can also be used as a creative table to put your plants.


Plan your landscaping to vary with the seasons.

One of the trends that are ongoing in 2018 is an outdoor living space that can be used for 3 or 4 seasons. Favor the development of spaces to suit both the summer and winter seasons.

As we all know, flowering periods vary from plants to plants, it might be interesting to plan your landscaping according to these to create a decor that will change as the year goes by.

Adding heat lamps or an outdoor fireplace will allow you to enjoy your outdoor living space throughout the year. However, if you are installing an outdoor fireplace, make sure it complies with your municipality's current regulations.


Rethink your outdoor dining area

For 2018, we reconsider the outdoor dining area location. Indeed, the dining area is now moving onto the garden side and is no longer confined to the patio area. Moving the dining area, a little further into the garden, will create an even more immersive experience and allow you to escape into nature for a moment.

Be sure to add solar lamps or plan a lighting system that will allow you to enjoy your dining area throughout the evening. To maximize the usage of the dining space of your landscaping, consider including it near relaxation or entertainment spaces such as an outdoor fireplace, pool area, etc.

In addition to dining areas, it is also possible to integrate your outdoor furniture directly into your landscaping. All designed to make you want to spend more time enjoying your outdoor living space.


An oasis of greenery in your outdoor living space

Always in a spirit of multifunctionality, 2018 trends in landscaping are putting forward the various uses of plants in your decor. Sky-high greenery or green walls are used to create natural privacy screens.

Another top trend for 2018 will be to include wildflowers in your landscaping. We seek to make a more natural integration of the elements in the outdoor living space.


We include edible plants to our landscaping

Edible gardens are some of the trends that will grow in popularity this year. In addition to being succulent, edible plants can also be decorative with their different color and size. The herbs integrated into your flower beds will also add an olfactory element to your landscaping.

A new trend is emerging, plants that are used to produce natural dyes to dye different materials are also beginning to be added to the landscaping.


In summary, landscaping projects in 2018 incorporate multifunctional spaces and elements and invite us to reconnect with nature. Contact Mirage Canada today to plan your outdoor living space project.