Snow Removal Tips

4 key elements that will allow you to have a worry-free winter


Winters in Quebec can be challenging, so it's important to be well prepared and to take the appropriate actions to have a pleasant winter. Snow removal is an important part of winter and can save you from a lot of worries. Whether you are taking care of the snow removal yourself or using a professional snow removal service, here are some key elements to consider.


Ensure pedestrian safety 

Driveways and places where there is pedestrian traffic must be cleared to facilitate access to your business. Use salt or de-icing products on these areas to prevent your employees, customers, visitors or others from slipping and injuring themselves. It is also important to clear the ice from the edges of the roof to prevent icicles from falling on the people walking around the building. Also, make sure that all outdoor installations, such as natural gas tanks, heat pumps, fire hydrants and others, are cleared of snow and accessible to the various professional services. 


Clear the ways 

In addition to removing the snow in areas where there is pedestrian traffic, it is essential to remove all the snow that could block emergency exits, whether it’s doors, balconies, entrance shelter, and to clear the ways leading to the street in the event of an emergency evacuation. If you are using a professional snow removal service, be sure to clear your commercial parking lot from any object that could trouble the snow removal operation. If vehicles are in your parking lot, make sure they are positioned so that they do not interfere with the snow removal operation.


Take the lead on winter

 It is important to prepare your landscaping for the winter as it could serve as a snow stacking area for your commercial parking. Protect your bushes and landscaping elements with snow fences, tutors or geotextile membranes. Geotextile membranes on the lawns that are along the street or the sidewalk will provide protection against de-icing products and will make it easier to clean your landscaping in the spring.


Shovel your roof

Heavy snow accumulation on the roof can cause considerable damage to a building, so it is essential to clear the roof of your company or to use a professional snow removal service to deal with snow on the roof. The melting snow that freezes will become ice and the accumulation of snow and ice creates excess weight on the roof and can result in cracks in the walls or water infiltration. In extreme situations, the roof may collapse under the weight of too much snow. At all time, snow shoveling on the roof must be done safely.


 A professional snow removal service will simplify your life and you will be able to pursue your occupations without having to worry about snowfalls. Contact Mirage Canada to remove the snow from your commercial parking lots, for abrasive-spreading services and for professional roof top snow removal service.