Plan your outdoor living space's lighting

Outdoor lighting is a simple and economical solution to embellish your landscaping and to help you extend your evening in your outdoor living space. An outdoor lighting system can have several features depending on the type of lighting you want to use in your landscaping project.


Extend your evenings in your outdoor living space with appropriate lighting

If you wish to extend the summer season and the length of your evenings in your outdoor living space, you will need to include an adequate outdoor lighting system.

Solar-powered lights installed along your driveway, walkways and others will allow you to orient yourself better in the dark. You don’t have to program them, they will automatically turn on when the sun sets. Make sure to position them in a spot where they will receive enough sunlight to store energy to light your backyard in the evening. Avoid positioning lightings close to each other to avoid creating an impression of an airport runway on your property.

The use of resistant recessed lights is a cost-effective solution to create a decorative effect while keeping the practical aspect of an outdoor lighting system. Outdoor lighting with timer offers the option of pre-programming the actual time that you want them to turn on even if you are away. Outdoor Lights with motion sensors make it easy to walk around safely on your property.


Bring style to your landscaping

An outdoor lighting system will allow you to highlight architectural details or create a focal point in your landscaping. The lighting arrangement of your landscaping will accentuate the desired decorative effect or, on the contrary, will change the whole vibe of your outdoor living space.

The addition of light fixtures next to your landscaping elements will give a depth perception to your outdoor layout. Choose light fixtures according to the type of foliage and the characteristics of your plants to create a stronger impact.

Opt for the right source of lighting in the right place

Hundreds of outdoor lighting system models are available on the market; spotlights, post lights, wall lighting, security & flood lights, decorative lights, etc. Simply choose the lighting types according to the areas you want to light up.

An elevated lighting system will give a more general lighting, while directional light will create a visual impact zone.

Recessed or planted into the ground spotlights will mark the path for your landscaping walkways, stairs, pool area, etc. A lamppost fixture will illuminate, with a wider spectrum, a driveway, home entrance or paths.

Outdoor wall lamps are the perfect solution for illuminating a terrace or patio. You can adjust them so that you can turn them on from the inside with an interior light switch. You can also find lights with a built-in motion detector. Opt for an outdoor lighting system with built-in motion detector for traffic areas where the lighting does not need to be permanent.



The ideal is to plan separate lighting or different lighting intensity levels, one for the practical side and one for the aesthetic effect. Thousands of options are available for you in terms of outdoor lighting system, simply go with what you need and according to your tastes.

Your municipality may have regulations regarding outdoor lighting systems, it is better to check regulations before you start designing your outdoor living space lighting plan. Contact Mirage Canada for planning your landscaping.