The key to successful and flawless outdoor living project

Whether you were inspired by a landscape design or have specific needs, a few steps are essential to achieve your landscaping project efficiently. A detailed plan will allow you to execute an outdoor project that can best meet your needs. Here is a guide to help you plan your work.


1. Define your landscaping needs

It is important to determine the purpose of your landscaping project before initiating any work. Your goal might be to build a new outdoor structure, add decoration to improve the appearance of your property, create a leisure area, reorganize your parking space, etc. Establishing a clear and detailed list of your needs will help you simplify the following steps.


2. Identify your outdoor living space characteristics

It is essential to analyze and take an inventory of your outdoor living space before starting your project. A company specialized in landscaping will be able to analyze your outdoor space with all its characteristics. The location certificate of your property is an important document that can inform you on several aspects to consider when planning your landscaping project.

It is necessary to list all the elements of your property that can’t be moved and to identify all the areas that will serve as transitions to enter the building/property. Other factors, such as soil type, hours of sunlight, soil drainage, etc. must be identified and taken into consideration to continue the preparation of your landscaping project.


 3. Prepare the technical aspects

Once the list of your needs and requirements is well established, it is time to get an idea of the budget you want to invest in your landscaping project. By contacting a landscaping company, you will have a better idea of the budget needed for the realization of your outdoor living space. To get the best price for your project, it is important to establish, with the landscaping company, your goals, personal preferences, future use and your vision of the project. Before initiating any work, it might be recommended to contact the urban planning department of your municipality to see if a permit is required.


 4. Sketch your landscaping project

Once the specifications and preparatory stages of the project are completed, it is time to sketch your landscaping project. The design shall include all the existing structures, public utilities, heating and gas utilities, etc. The landscaping company can sketch your plan and include all the preceding elements. By drawing your landscape project, you will get a better idea of the amount of materials and plants that need to be purchased.


5. Choose materials and plants for your outdoor living space

The choice of materials and plants should be an important part of your planning. Once combined, these elements will give the final look to your outdoor living space. When selecting materials, it is necessary to consider the materials of your property and the ones in the surroundings to preserve the harmony of the scenery. When you select plants for your outdoor living space, the first thing to check is their growing cycle and final height. This will ensure that your landscape plan is functional for the many years to come. Several other characteristics are to be considered when selecting the plants for your landscaping project. It is necessary to take into consideration their blooming period, the color of the flowers and/or of the foliage, the sunlight level they need, etc.


 6. Review your landscape plan

 At this stage, you must define and finalize the choices of all the elements you intend to include in your landscaping project. The final design is then completed and the work plan is set up.



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