Useful tips for your next outdoor spring cleaning

Spring is back, and in a near future the outdoor life will wake up and get its full vigor. To enjoy the warm season without any worries, spring is the appropriate moment for a good outdoor cleaning. This spring cleaning will help you brighten your outdoor living space. Assessing the damage that occurred during winter will help you prepare your land for the summer. Here are a few steps to ease your spring cleaning.


  • Evaluate the impacts of winter on your outdoor living space

When the temperature rises, remove the dried leaves that have been damaged by the cold from your plants and trees. Establish a list of all the plants and equipment that will need to be replaced. Check your driveways and paths to ensure there are no cracks or damages in your slabs or pavement. Put back into ground plants whose roots have lifted because of the soil frost. To offset the effects of de-icing products in your curbs, soak the soil a few times to remove traces of these products.


  • Clean your outdoor living space

 The next step in your outdoor spring cleaning is to pick up debris such as tree branches, rocks, etc. Rake the leaves and debris off your garden and flower beds. Remove the plants that need to be replaced and, if possible, remove the existing mulch to spread the new one. Aerate the soil to get rid of the weeds whose shoots are still young. Spring is the right period to enrich your soil and provide the nutrients that your plants and flowers need to grow.


  •  Plan your patio and outdoor furniture maintenance

Proper maintenance of your deck will extend its lifetime. When all the snow is melted, sweep your patio to remove as much debris as possible. Clean the spots left by leaves that have been buried all winter under the snow. Clean your deck thoroughly before installing your garden furniture. You can take care of the maintenance yourself, or you can call landscaping specialists that, through their expertise, will know exactly which treatments to apply to your deck.

A good dusting of your outdoor furniture will facilitate their spring cleaning. Use appropriate cleaning methods for your outdoor furniture to keep them for many years.


These tips will help you bring your outdoor living space back to life after the cold months of winter. Take advantage of the return of the nice weather to prepare your outdoor living space for the summer season. Contact Mirage Canada, they will help you complete your outdoor spring cleaning.