Rock Garden - more than a trend

There are thousands of options for landscaping your garden. The rock gardens are the ideal solution for areas in your landscaping that are difficult to reach or if you want to reduce the maintenance of your landscaping. The key to this type of landscaping is to find a suitable layout for the rock garden to give it a natural look. Planning is a key element to design a rock garden, here are some elements to consider in your project.

The first step is to find inspirations, then draw your ideas and check their feasibility. Mirage Canada's landscaping specialists will be able to advise you on your rock garden and design the ideal layout for you.

First, it is important to ensure that your rock garden is protected from strong winds and that it is in a semi-shade spot. Rock gardens do not tolerate a position in full sun. Your rock garden can be installed on a sloping ground or flat terrain to create a natural gradient of land.

Use stones and rocks of different volumes and sizes to create relief in your landscaping project. Make some harmonious choices in the stones’ colors and avoid mixing too many materials, all to preserve its naturalness. Make sure that most of the stone surface is buried in the ground so that it stays the most stable. Another tip is to place your stones in a stair-step design to prevent soil erosion and dig trenches inclined to a lower level to ensure drainage.

Once you have designed the framework of your garden, you need to choose the plants that will complete your rock garden. Perennials are essential in a rock garden. To add life to your landscaping project, opt for perennial cover crops and small shrubs. Find out in advance the growth size of the plants you have selected to get an idea of what your final layout will look like and the distance to be respected when planting shrubs and plants.

Plants with large, strong roots that intrude between the stones are best suited for sloping landscaping. Arrange different height plants to create movement. Make sure to maintain harmony in your landscaping by choosing plants of the same type or of a few different varieties. Don’t forget that a rock garden requires weeding in the spring and a plant division every 3 or 4 years.

A rock garden will offer a unique appeal to your landscaping and will last for many years. The rock garden is following the natural landscaping trend. Indeed, one seeks to create a structural effect while keeping the most natural aspect.


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